Tenant information

We have a great range of properties to rent in Leeds and West Yorkshire. You can search the homes we have available to rent on our website as well as on well-known online property portals. Once you’ve found a property which looks right for you, get in touch with our office to arrange a viewing.

We will call you on the morning of your viewing to confirm your appointment. Failure to confirm will result in a cancellation of the viewing.

A member of the Copleys team will show you around the property and answer any questions you may have. During your viewing, we recommend being completely honest with us so we can give our landlords constructive feedback on their property. If the home you are looking at isn’t right for you, we may be able to suggest alternative properties which better meet your needs.

Once you have found a property you’d like to rent, we recommend registering your interest as soon as possible. We will then guide you through all stages of the application process

In order to apply to rent any of our properties you will need to fill in the form found below, you will also need to provide us with written references as follows

Proof of Income

We required proof of total income in writing dated within the last 6 weeks. (Your income must be a minimum of 2.5times the annual rent). This must be on letter headed paper.

Work Reference

On Letter headed paper confirming that you work there they also need to confirm your annual salary & that the employment is permanent. If you have worked for your current employer for less than 6 months we will require a previous work reference as well.

Landlord Reference

On Letter headed paper confirming that you rent from them including the address, time you have lived there & the rental amount. They will also need to confirm if you have any rent arrears, if there have been any late payments of rent, anti-social behaviour or other problems with the tenancy & if they would recommend you as a tenant.

Personal References

Written references from 2 people who are not related to you, who have known you for more than 3 years confirming you are honest & reliable

Right to rent Legislation

Due to the right to rent legislation applicants must provide one of the following for everyone aged over 18 who will live at the property whether they intend to go on the tenancy or not


Guarantor Application

You may require a guarantor in the following circumstances, you are under 25, you are not renting currently, if there are any issues with your credit check, or you are claiming benefits. Your guarantor will need to fill in a Guarantor Application form (We will provide this). they will also need to provide a Work Reference on Letter headed paper confirming that they work for them, they will also need to confirm their annual salary (This must be a minimum of 3.5times the annual rent) & that their employment is permanent. – We will also need to see proof if ID i.e. passport.

Once we have all this we will review the application we will complete any credit checks. – If you are accepted on the property you will be expected to move in as soon the property is available, we cannot hold properties for longer than 2 weeks.

Holding Deposit

A holding deposit equivalent to one week’s rent will need to be paid to hold the property until the day you move in at which time this will be credited in its entirety against the rent payable under the tenancy agreement. This will be withheld if any tenant or any person acting on behalf of a tenant (including any guarantor(s)) withdraw from the tenancy, fail a right to rent check and it was not reasonable for us to know at the time we took the holding deposit from you, provide incorrect or misleading information or fail to sign the tenancy agreement (and/or Deed of Guarantee) within 15 days (or other deadline if agreed between the Landlord and Tenant).


On the day you move in you will need to pay a bond equivalent to 5 Weeks rent i.e. Rent £500pcm the bond will be £576.92.


On the day you move in you will need to pay the first month’s rent.

Other relevant information:

Payment of £50.00 (-inc VAT) if you want to change the tenancy agreement.

Payment of interest for any rent lawfully due that is 14days or more in arrears at a rate of 3% per annum

above the published Base Rate of Bank of England.

Payment for the reasonably incurred costs for the loss of keys/security devices.

Payment of any unpaid rent or other reasonable costs associated with your early termination of the tenancy

During the tenancy (payable to the provider) if permitted & applicable Utilities – gas, electricity, water

Communications – telephone & broadband

Installation of cable/satellite

Subscription to cable/satellite supplier

Television license
Council Tax

Other permitted payments

Any other permitted payments, not included above, under the relevant legislation including contractual damages.

Copleys are a member of PRS, which is a redress scheme, and are in the process of becoming members of CMP, which is a client money protection scheme. You can find out more details on our website or by contacting ourselves directly

Individual form

Guarantor form